Frequently Asked Questions Do you have any questions about services? please read faq's below or contact us to discuss further.

Do you have references?

Yes, you can contact them and ask about our services. Please email for references. More questions? Please click here to contact us, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Can a programmer or a developer work in more than one team at the same time?

No, our teams are dedicated to a single project from its inception to completion. No programmer can be a part of more than one project at any given time. Our programmers would help the client in their projects if they so request.

How do you assess your employee's performance?

sisnolabs provide you dedicated team for your project. This means that the project team works for you and only you for the entire duration of the contract. To ensure that the team is performing well we get reports from our project managers frequently. This helps us to assess your team's performance and to allocate human resources accordingly to satisfy your requirements.

How much experience do your programmers have?

sisnolabs programmers are professionals with a minimum of 1 to 8 years experience in various web and mobile apps development. They would be supervised and assisted by senior programmers and project managers.

Which platform you use for e-commerce development?

At sisnolabs, we do use magento, wordpress wocommerce, custom development for e-commerce development.

Do you have Mobile app development portfolio?

Yes, we do mobile app development for ios and android platforms.

Can your team work remotely?

Yes, over the years, we have successfully completed projects working remotely. sisnolabs development team successfully working on outsourcing projects since the year 2007.

Do you guys handle hosting servers like aws, cloud?

Yes, we already handle AWS, Cloud, and dedicated servers for our existing clients. We have good experience of managing WHM, AWS cloud servers.

Do you provide web hosting services?

No, But we can refer you to excellent web hosting providers.

Are you open for any partnershhip program?

Yes. We would love to become partner of startups for product development. Are you looking for experienced web and mobile development team for your outsourcing projects?, we are available for the opportunity.

Can I choose development team?

Yes, you are allowed to interview our professionals and choose your own team depending on your requirements.

Can I have a dedicated programmer?

Yes, we provide individuals or teams that are dedicated to your project only.

What are your refund conditions?

Customer satisfaction is our motto. In case we fail to satisfy you with our services, your payments would be refunded and the agreement will be terminated.

Are there any additional or hidden charges for my project?

No, we charge only for development services, installation and configuration services are provided free of cost.  

What modes of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through Bank transfer or wire transfer, PayPal, Western union, Credit card and Check.

How can I see my project's progress?

We believe in keeping the client involved and satisfied in all the stages of the project. We will mail you the daily progress report at the end of day, daily. Further we encourage you to keep in touch with our development team, who will be assisting you through online chat sessions. You can also check out your progress by logging onto our web development server.

Will my web site work in different computes/browers?

Yes, it will work on latest versions of Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Can we get a look at your sample work?

Yes. Please visit our portfolio page or mail us and we would get back to you ASAP.

What industries/domains have you worked with?

So far we have developed website/product for almost every industry. Some are Real Estate, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Sports, Pet Industry, Education, Travel etc.

Are you willing to sign a NDA?

Yes. It means we will not disclose your project anytime.

How can we communicate with you?

Emails and internet chat applications through Gmail, Skype, VOIs are our online modes of communication with customers. Customers can get in touch with us through telephone too.

What is the long term contract?

We believe that the retention of existing customers is as important as finding newer ones. We would like to work with a customer for a minimum of six months (in case of dedicated programmer). This would give enough time for us to prove our skills to the customer. After they obtain our services we have a strong belief that no customer would want to leave us!