Here are 9 Benefits of Hiring Freelancers for Your Business

Since the advent of the Internet, the ability for businesses to hire freelancers as opposed to full-time or part-time employees has greatly increased – much to the benefit of businesses everywhere. While freelancers aren’t suited for every job and position, hiring them for the ones they are suited for comes with some major advantages. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the top advantages of hiring freelancers for your business.

Contract Labor Vs Employees

When you hire a freelancer, they are considered contract labor as opposed to being considered an employee. This comes with a number of advantages. For one, employers are not required to supply any costly benefits such as health care to contract labor. They are also not required to pay social security on the income of a contract labor freelancer, which would equate to about an additional 7.5% of the individual’s wages if you were paying an employee. There are also much less rules and regulations concerning contract labor. Freelancers can be hired and fired as you wish with almost no hassle and red-tape involved.

Many times, the hassle and expense associated with hiring an employee outweighs a business’s need for that employee. With freelancers, though, you can skip over almost all of that hassle and expense.

A Wider Range of Options

Interviewing potential employees in your area is almost certain to yield less candidates than posting up a job for freelancers all over the world to apply to. If your project does not require an employee to be on site, hiring a freelancer enables you to open it up to freelancers everywhere. This wider range of options not only gives you more candidates to choose from – increasing the odds you will find one who is the perfect fit – it also allows you to explore more options in regards to the wages you will pay as well.

At the end of the day, more options is always better than less options, and hiring a freelancer will give you all the options that you need and more.

Freelancers Excel at Short-Term Projects

It’s hard to justify hiring an employee for a project that will only take a few weeks to complete. However, many businesses often find themselves needing someone to complete short-term projects such as this. The good news is that freelancers make their living with short-term projects and are perfectly suited to get them done.

Say, for instance, that you need content written for your website, but don’t intend to produce much content after that. Hiring a full-time or even part-time copywriter, in this instance, would not be prudent. However, hiring a freelancer for this one-off project is a perfect solution. Should you need to produce more content after the initial project, you can always go back to them again. In the meantime, though, you are not having to pay the wages of someone who you have no work to assign for long periods of time.

Broader Experience

A successful freelancer who has been in the business for several years will likely have worked with dozens if not hundreds or thousands of different individuals and companies of all sizes. They bring with them a broad range of experience that many traditional employees lack.

While there is some benefit to working with one company for a long time and learning it inside out, there’s also plenty of benefits to working with many different companies, picking up invaluable information, tips, and strategies from them along the way. Hiring a freelancer allows you to leverage the knowledge and experience of someone who has likely worked under a multitude of successful companies and put that experience to work for your business.


Freelancers, more than any other type of employee, are fully accustomed to working solo. They aren’t able to rely on extensive training, mentors, and the experience of their coworkers, and therefore they typically require much less hand-holding than a new employee. If you want someone who will hit the ground running from the very start of your project as opposed to someone who is used to relying on others to assist them, then hiring a freelancer is the way to go.

Speed of Delivery

Good freelancers know it is in their best interest to deliver results quickly. This is especially true if you choose to pay your freelancer a set wage based on the project as opposed to an hourly rate. There is no benefit for a freelancer to drag their feet and juice the clock. Instead, successful freelancers make their living by doing great work and doing it fast. If you need a project delivered quickly, leave it to a freelancer to get it done in as little time as possible.

Quality of Work

Good freelancers have plenty of incentive to deliver high quality work. When you hire a freelancer, both their reputation and their chances of getting repeat business from you are on the line. Reputation and repeat business are things that successful freelancers live by, and they know that the only way to secure these two things is to go above and beyond expectations.

This isn’t to say that standard employees are not incentivized to do good work, it’s just that freelancers have even more incentives. Freelancers can’t rest on the merits of being hired and given a salary, knowing that they have a job so long as they don’t do anything that warrants them being fired. Freelancers, on the other hand, must continually deliver exceptional work or risk their client bailing on them after one project and/or leaving them a poor review. Successful freelancers realize this, and, if anything, they strive to over-deliver with every project they take on.


Most freelancers are much more flexible than a standard employee. While they often take as much or more time off as anyone else, they’re also known to work at odd hours, on the weekends, and over the holidays. While you may wish to ask your freelancer upfront what hours and days they are willing to work, you’ll likely find it much easier to hire a freelancer who will work during odd hours than an employee who is willing to work those same hours.

Freelancers and Employees Work Great in Tandem

Most businesses need full-time and part-time employees. The way the majority of businesses operate, replacing your employees entirely with freelancers is not a viable solution. Instead, the best way to get the most benefit out of both your employees and your freelancers is to have them work in tandem.

For instance, if you have a large, one-time project that is taking up all of your employees’ time, you may wish to hire a freelancer to complete it so that your employees are able to go about their day to day tasks. Or, if you have a project that requires a specific expertise that none of your employees have, hiring a freelancer enables them to stay focused on what they are best at while the freelancer does what they do best.

Hiring freelancers and employees who work in tandem is the business model of the future, and it’s one that many companies are already using with extraordinary results.

5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Freelance Writer

What to Look for before you hire a Freelance Writer

As customers grow increasingly imperceptive to many forms of traditional advertising and as search engines such as Google continue to place more and more importance on quality content, the value that talented freelance writers offer to businesses of all sizes is growing more significant as well.

In order to actually capitalize on this value, though, and ensure the content that you publish is at its most effective, you’ll need to make sure that you hire the right freelance writer. Outlined below are five crucial things to look for when choosing a freelance writer to help you with your content marketing strategy.

Experience in Your Industry

A freelance writer who is experienced with writing about the industry or niche that your business operates in will be able to produce much better content than one who is not. While adequate research can sometimes make up for a lack of industry experience, having a base of knowledge to fall back on will almost always help writers create content that is both more accurate and more persuasive.

Having experience in the industry they are writing about allows writers to understand and correctly use the right terminology, have insight into the needs and interests of the content’s audience, and produce content that is more original rather than content that is simply a rewording of a previously published piece.

Take a look at the work history and samples of any freelance writer that you are considering and see if they have written content in your industry or niche in the past. If you don’t see any such examples of past experience, ask them about their experience in your industry – many freelance writers may have extensive experience that is not fully outlined on their profiles.

Marketing Chops

At its most effective, freelance writing is a form of marketing, and working with a freelance writer who understands the nuances of content marketing rather than one that is just a good writer and nothing more will offer much more value to your business in the long run.

A great writer may be able to produce a piece of content that is beautifully written, however, if they have no understanding of marketing – specifically content marketing – there’s no guarantee that the content will have the desired effect. Freelance writers who are experienced with content marketing know how to analyze the content marketing strategy of a business and produce content that is designed to help them achieve their goals, whether those goals are selling a product, bringing in more traffic to a website, or anything in-between.

Try to gauge the level of importance that a writer places on marketing and hire a freelance writer that is just as much a marketer as they are a wordsmith.

An Easy-Going and Professional Attitude

Amidst the focus on technical qualifications such as a writer’s past experience or their writing samples, the importance of a writer’s personality and approach to clients is often overlooked. In the same way you wouldn’t want to hire a full-time employee who is difficult to work with, though, you want to avoid freelancers who are difficult to work with as well.

The best freelance writers are both professional and easy-going. They don’t display so much of an emotional attachment to their work that they ignore instructions or grow offended when you feel changes need to be made. They understand that, at the end of the day, it is the client’s content and it is their job to bring the client’s vision to life.

The freelance writer you hire should also display a high degree of professionalism, whether it’s their full-time job or they’re just freelancing on the side. It’s important to note here that the amount of time a freelance writer spends on their career is not necessarily an indicator of how professional they will be in their approach. Plenty of writers who freelance only a few hours a day still display utmost professionalism while some writers who freelance full-time may be lacking in this area.

When choosing which freelance writer to hire, try to gauge their attitude and approach to client communication. If you work with a freelance writer that is easy-going and professional, you’ll end up with much better results.

Exceptional Writing Abilities

Producing well-written content is an art form all its own, and like any art form it is a talent that some people excel at and some don’t. Regardless of the subject matter of the content you are publishing, a talented writer will be able to bring it to life, making it engaging and enjoyable to read through the use of language that leaps off the page.

Ideally, you’ll have an eye for what exceptional writing looks like and will be able to tell through the samples that a freelance writer provides how talented at crafting content they are. Excellent writing should flow naturally, should inform and entertain at the same time, and should set itself apart from the glut of amateur content that populates most websites. If you hire a writer capable of producing content such as this, you’ll automatically be a step ahead of most of the competition.

Opportunities for a Long-Term Partnership

Working with the same freelance writer over an extended period of time offers a degree of value that hiring a different writer for every new project is not able to provide. Over time, a talented freelance writer will learn more and more about your business, its target audience, its unique identity and voice, and the goals that you hope to accomplish through the content that you publish. They are then able to use this knowledge to produce content that becomes more effective and more unique to your brand as time goes on.

If you envision needing more content as your business grows, try to hire a writer who will be willing to work with you over the long-term rather than one that is only interested in completing a single project. If you do this, you can form a partnership with a talented writer that may end up benefiting your business for many years to come.

Why More Businesses Are Hiring Freelancers Over Full-Time Employees

Businesses are hiring freelancers over full-time employees. Freelancers have allowed businesses to save money and time. Both are something any business owner needs more of.

In 2015, two economists, Lawrence Katz from Harvard and Alan Krueger from Princeton, conducted a research study. This study looked at how alternative work arrangements continue to evolve throughout the years in the United States.

Alternative work arrangements being defined as workers who worked through a temporary work help agency, workers on-call, independent and contract workers, and freelancers.

In 2015, workers who worked for companies that offered a freelancer marketplace option accounted for 0.5% of the U.S. workforce. But, why is that happening? Why are more businesses turning to hire freelancers over full-time employees?

Lower Overhead Cost when You Hire a Freelancer

Businesses can save up to 30% by hiring a freelancer. They do not require businesses to pay social security income on a freelancer.

Freelancers also come equipped for the job someone hires them for. That means businesses spend less money on training and equipment needed to do the job.

Freelancers help businesses cut overhead cost by working from home. Without having to commute to the office the business need not supply office space.

Business Need not Pay Benefits for Freelancers

Business owners are not required to offer freelancers any benefits they would offer a full-time employee. Such as health benefits or retirement benefits.

A business does not offer freelancers any time off such as a vacation, sick time, or paid time off. Freelancers handle all of their benefits and time off.

Freelancers Allow You to Pay for What You Need

With a freelancer, you need not hire a full-time employee with all the extra expenses.

Business needs will change daily. A freelancer allows you to just spend money on what you need without all the extras.

Freelancers Will Come with The Experience and Skill Set You Need

When you hire a freelancer, you can find someone who specializes in what you need. That means their knowledge and experience is extensive.

Business owners can spend more time focusing on other tasks rather than delegating and training Their experience and knowledge allow them to get the job right without the extra need for instruction from you.

Flexible Scheduling Makes Working with Freelancers Less Time Consuming

Freelancers stray from working your traditional 9 to 5 job. Many of them work late hours and take care of business after business hours. For business owners, this is beneficial because it allows their business to continue running even after hours.

It is also common for freelancers to work on the weekends and during holidays.

A Freelancer Require Little to No Commitment

Freelancers don’t require all the extra paperwork and contracts a full-time employee does. If you’re not interested in their services, you can move on with no issues.

Hiring a freelancer can give you a feel for how they work. If you’re impressed, you can speak with the freelancer about possibly moving them to a full-time employee.

Businesses Can Get Tasks Done Faster with a Freelancer

Projects added to your full-time employee’s schedule may not get to you as fast as you need them. When you hire a freelancer, they have dedicated their time to that specific project.

Since they work from project to project, they want to get to their next project. This is why freelancers deliver results quickly.

Freelancers Want to Work

A freelancer works project to project. If there isn’t any work available, they will not get paid. Freelancers are seeking projects because they want to work because they want to get paid.

When a business hires a freelancer, they get someone eager to do the job.

Hiring a Freelancer is Cheaper Than Hiring an Agency

Sometimes a business may just need a task done such as updating a page on their website. Instead of hiring an agency to take care of their website. Hiring an agency to handle your website can cost businesses high monthly fees.

Freelancers can help you manage your website on an as-needed basis. In most cases, you will pay a project fee that is much cheaper than what you would pay for an agency.

Freelancers Keep the Pressure off Full-Time Employees

Full-time employees have tasks someone expects them to do within a timeframe. When you add an extra to their schedule they may become overwhelmed, unhappy, and stressed. In that condition, it will be hard for your employee to continue delivering their best work.

Instead, businesses can hire a freelancer and delegate the tasks to them. In most cases at a cheaper rate than the hourly pay of a full-time employee.

There is No Commute to the Office for a Freelancer

Oversleeping, traffic jam, and a traffic accident. Those are common reasons an employee may be late to work. It’s bound to happen to all of us once.

These things happen. But an employee being late can put the business behind on its daily routine. As a result, can decrease the overall productivity for the day.

When businesses hire a freelancer they don’t have to wait for them to be in the office on time.

Businesses are Hiring Freelancers over Full-Time Employees Because it Just Makes Sense

It makes sense to hire a freelancer if you’re a big or small business owner. A freelancer can help businesses save money and time. Business owners find freelancers deliver fast results and are proficient in what they do.

When a business owner hires a freelancer, they hire someone who has a goal that involves delivering high-quality work. With a promise of a quick turnaround. All at much less than the price of hiring a full-time employee.