10 Ways Freelancers can Make Money Online

10 Ways Freelancers can Make Money Online

Today, the market is filled with more exciting possibilities for freelancers than ever before, and it is now completely possible for talented individuals to make a great living working entirely online. If working from home as your own boss and at your own pace sounds like a dream come true, you may wish to consider pursuing one of these ten ways that freelancers can make money online.

Graphic Design

There are countless online projects that require the work of a graphic designer. For example, you may be hired to create a logo for a business, design a label for a new product, design a website, design the cover art for a book, and many more.

Graphic design is one of the most popular fields for freelancers, and with good reason. Working as a graphic designer can be done entirely online, and there is certainly no shortage of projects available. If you have a talent for producing great designs, you could easily start a freelance graphic design career.

Writing Content

Another of the most popular online jobs for freelancers, working as a freelance writer comes with plenty of opportunities. Businesses have a lot to gain by publishing high-quality content on their website. For one, well-written content helps engage and inform potential customers. In addition to this, though, quality content is also great for SEO, helping businesses get their websites to show up higher in the search results.

Working as a freelance writer, you will have the opportunity to write blog posts, web copy, e-books, product descriptions, and much more. Best of all, all you need to do your work is Microsoft Word and an Internet connection.

Proofreading and Editing

Being a great writer does not automatically make you a great proofreader, and vice versa. This is why many companies will choose to hire two different individuals to produce content for them – one to write it and one to edit it.

When working as an editor, you may be hired to edit copy that was completed by an in-house copywriter or another freelancer, hired to edit a book that an author has written, or assigned to any number of other proofreading and editing projects. If you have an excellent understanding of the rules of grammar and the ability to sniff out mistakes, then there are plenty of projects that you can pick up working as an editor or a proofreader.

Transcription and Data Entry

If your typing skills and attention to detail are above average, then transcription and data entry may be the perfect freelancing gigs for you. Transcription is common in the medical, legal, and market research fields, though you will you probably need to be familiar with the terminology before you pick up transcription jobs in one of these fields. Meanwhile, data entry jobs are available in a wide range of fields.

These types of freelancing jobs can be done by most anyone with enough practice and effort, and they can also be completed entirely online.

Online Tutoring

Tutoring is a job that once would have had to be performed in-person, but thanks to the Internet, tutors can now work with their students from anywhere.

Online tutoring can take several different forms, from working with a student via a videoconferencing app such as Skype to getting paid to answer questions. If you have the right credentials, you may even end up teaching an entire classroom of students via a videoconferencing app.

Working as an online tutor will require you to have a pretty extensive understanding of the topic you are tutoring someone in and preferably some credentials in that topic such as a college degree.

Virtual Assistant

In the digital age, working as a secretary no longer requires you to spend your 9-5 inside an office. Now, those who enjoy secretarial work can work from home in the role of a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants perform many of the same tasks as traditional secretaries, making use of email, messaging apps, and videoconferencing apps in order to communicate with their employer. When working as a virtual assistant, you will likely find yourself doing things such as scheduling meetings, replying to emails, placing orders, and more.

One difference when working as a virtual assistant as opposed to a traditional secretary is that you will likely be working for more than one employer. Many businesses and individuals choose to hire virtual assistants because they do not have enough workload to justify hiring a full-time secretary, so most virtual assistants have several employers they work for in order to fill their schedule.

PR and Marketing

If you are a PR or marketing professional, it’s entirely possible for you to work from home as a freelancer. Working as a freelance marketer is akin to owning your own, one man or one woman marketing firm, and most of the tasks you perform will be the same as a traditional marketer.

There are a lot of roles that fall under the umbrella of PR and marketing, but some roles are better suited for freelancers working online than others. One especially common role for freelance marketers is social media coordinator, which can be done entirely online.

Selling Products

Most freelancers working online are selling their services, but it’s entirely possible to sell products as a freelancer as well. If you are a skilled artist or craftsman then you can sell your creations online on websites such as Etsy or eBay.

Other products that freelancers can create to sell online include E-books, calligraphy invitations, and more. When it comes to selling products online, the sky is the limit, and the product you choose is really only determined by your own interests and skill-sets.

Web and App Development

If you are skilled at coding enough to create custom apps and websites, then finding web and app development jobs online shouldn’t be a challenge. Many clients are in need of custom websites that go beyond what they are able to create themselves, and the same is doubly true for apps which can be even more difficult for a novice to create.

Website and app development is a job that can be performed entirely online as long as you have the right programs on your computer. If you’re good at what you do, web and app development can also pay really well, and it’s completely possible to make a nice career out of it.

3D Modeling and CAD

At first, 3D modeling and computer aided design (CAD) may seem pretty similar to graphic design, however, there are a number of key differences.

Working in 3D modeling or CAD will require you to have a decent bit of technical knowledge and background. More than creating a visually appealing design, 3D modeling requires you to create models of functional products, structures, and more that will demonstrate how they work in the real world.

Most people who go into 3D modeling or CAD will have some background in engineering, though it is possible to teach yourself these skills with enough effort. Once you have the training and the software that it takes to create 3D models, working in 3D modeling and CAD is a job that can be done entirely online.